Rama Raju

Rama Raju

Founder of Give Or Die Co-Founder of MEU Connect

Mr. Raju founded Give Or Die, a consulting agency to help people donate their cryptocurrencies to IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) foundations, non-profits, and public charities. Rama is currently developing smart contracts on the Ethereum platform for donors and charities to utilize as receipts for their transactions and to make it simple for them to report their tax information to the IRS.

Mr. Raju co-founded MEU Connect, a mobile application that utilizes inaudible sound to let people exchange contact info and connect with each other using a simple swipe of their finger. MEU is currently developing the app and plans to leverage blockchain technology by utilizing a decentralized cloud data service to store user and contact info.

Mr. Raju also has over a decade of diverse work experience at Fortune 100 companies such as IBM, AT&T, Citigroup as well as multi-billion dollar companies in the hedge fund, private equity, and asset management industries.

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY – Sports Management Certificate Program in Sports Industry Essentials

PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY, Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Entrepreneurship & Marketing

THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance & Economics