Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins

Founder, Roger Wilco

Mark is a futurist and blockchain evangelist.

In 2017 and 2018, he has served as an advisor and C-Level executive to a variety of blockchain projects, including Boundre Group, Veritoken, Robokind, Bitqyck, as well as several blockchain projects in “stealth mode.”

– In 2015 Mark founded Roger Wilco, a blockchain and cognitive consultancy.
– In mid-2016, he accepted a partnership at the newly created Dallas office for Barista Ventures, which remains a nexus for activity in the Dallas startups scene.

Aside from past forays into New Media like founding SiliconANGLE Media or serving as Associate Editor at Mashablee, he has worked as a developer and project manager for many large corporations such as Apple Computers, IBM, Nokia, and Cox Communications.

Session Oct 12, 2018

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