Dr. Damon Bryant, PhD

Dr. Damon Bryant, PhD

Co-Founder of Light Pay Coin

Dr. Bryant is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in behavioral economics, mathematics, human and artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain-based technologies. His academic ancestry includes Dr. Phil Zimbardo of Stanford University, the lead researcher in the famous Stanford Prison Study, and Dr. John Tukey of Princeton University who is one of America’s greatest mathematicians and is credited with creating the terms “software” and “bit” used in the name Bitcoin. Dr. Bryant has conducted AI-based research and development activities within world class organizations. Like Dr. Tukey, Bryant worked as a Research Fellow at the world’s largest educational testing company, the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ. He also served as a Global Human Capital Management Advisor at IBM during it corporate turnaround in the mid 2000s. He also conceived and developed the Smart Test Technology platform, an AI-based assessment and course recommendation engine. He is a 2004 graduate of The University of Central Florida with a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and is a former US Army Officer.

Session Oct 12, 2018

Masternodes: Light Pay Coin Use Cases

Masternodes: Light Pay Coin Use Cases
This presentation will be on a growing segment of the cryptocurrency industry, masternodes. Today,
masternode-based, cryptocurrencies represent approximately 1% of the total cryptocurrency market.
This segment will grow as more and more retail and institutional investors are exposed to this segment
and realize the benefits of masternodes as a digital commodity. This presentation will describe
masternodes in general and their unique characteristics as compared to traditional cryptocurrencies.
Moreover, the case will be made for masternode cryptocurrencies as institutional assets that can be
deployed within not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and for-profit corporations. Realworld
use cases of each will be discussed.